Secondary Operations

CNC Machining

Haas Vertical Machining Center with 4-axis capabilities provides optional fixturing methods to be used most economically. A universal pallet fixture allows quick change from job to job. Programming is stored at the machine with reference to the project pallet for the job, this makes change over a very routine function and helps eliminate program variables.

Okuma turning center, a very robust dependable center with 8 tool changer. A great CNC for everyday turning of bearing areas, o-ring grooves, and special shapes.

Drilling and Tapping

After years of building special machines for drilling and tapping our arsenal of drilling, tapping heads, and power feed units are very flexible. High volume parts that require basic drilling & tapping operations are generally tooled for dedicated operations. This allows 2-10 operations to be done in one cycle and gives higher yield than done on CNC machines. Multiple conventional Drilling & Tapping units provide great support for all general machining operations.