Aluminum Die Casting

SDC Incorporated

Aluminum Die Cast equipment ranges from 300 Tons to 700 Tons clamping capacity. The machinery has PLC controllers to stabilize the process. The aluminum machines utilize an advanced pressure pour dosing furnace. The furnaces are controlled by the PLC to dispense the molten metal to the machine automatically. This dosing process has proven to be the most efficient method to deliver pure aluminum alloy to the die cast machine.

Aluminum Die Cast Alloys 380, 383, 360 & 413 are standard alloys run. The size produced ranges varies from an ounce or less to a 6 pound casting weight. As the parts are cast with the machines running an automatic cycle they are operator monitored and defects are removed as they are produced, as the castings are cooled they are then trimmed from the runner system and further processed thru secondary operations as needed. Parts are burnished, machined, plated, or powder coated as required by the customer.

From a simple knob or handle to a complex valve body or fishing reel frame, aluminum Die castings offer great dimensional stability, repeatability, corrosion resistance (A360, A413), and strength. From toys to trains, to planes, to lawnmowers, to power tools the usage of aluminum continues to play a part in most every industry.


Aluminum die casting alloys are lightweight, offer good corrosion resistance, ease of casting, good mechanical properties and dimensional stability.

360 - Selected for good corrosion resistance. Special alloys for special applications are available, but their use usually entails significant cost premiums.

380 - An alloy which provides the best combination of utility and cost.

383 & 384 - These alloys are a modification of 380. Both provide better die filling, but with a moderate sacrifice in mechanical properties, such as toughness.

390 - Selected for special applications where high strength, fluidity and wear-resistance/bearing properties are required.

413 - Used for maximum pressure tightness, fluidity, and corrosion resistance.