Manufacturing Plant

15,000 Square foot facility constructed in 1980 with 2000 square feet offices, engineering, quality control.

4,000 Square foot warehouse addition constructed in 2016.

4,000 Square foot flexible manufacturing addition constructed in 2016 , all situated on 3 acres.

Diecasting Machinery

  • 2-2A Dynacast machines with programmable controllers for fully automatic production of small zinc casting with capacity up to 1.5 ounces of zinc.
  • 2-DAW 5 Frech automatic diecasting machines with solid state process controls, mold temperature controls, and process monitors with capacity up to 7 ounces of zinc.
  • 3-DAW 63 Frech automatic diecasting machines with solid state process controls, mold temperature controls, and process monitors with capacity up to 2.25 pounds.
  • 1 DAK 315 Metric Ton Frech fully automated aluminum diecasting machine with solid state process control, hot oil molded temperature controller, process monitors, integrated recip. sprayer, and Westomat pressure dosing furnaces with capacity up to 12 pounds.
  • 1-HP-700 Ton Lester semi-automatic aluminum diecasting machine with PLC process controls, mold temperature controls and monitors and Westomat pressure pour furnace with capacity up to 16 pounds aluminum.
  • 2-P-130 Producer Zinc Die Cast machines.
  • 2-P-75 Producer Zinc Die Cast Machines


  • 1-Kemp Carolina, 1800 lb., 65MS-300 melting furnaces with 450,000 BTU, partlow process controller units and ceramic filtration. (Aluminum)
  • 1-Dynarad resistance, 1,500 lb. portable melting unit. (Aluminum)
  • 1-Aluminum Thermotronix
  • 1-Immersion tube, 4,000 lb. zinc furnace.
  • 3-Westomat holding and dosing furnaces #1600.

Tool Room Equipment

  • 1-Haring 6X12 Surface grinder
  • 2-Bridgeport Series I wdigitals
  • 1-Jet 12X40 tool room lathes
  • 1-Sunnen Precision Hone
  • 2-Grinders
  • 1-Band Saw
  • 1-Cut-off saw
  • 1-Chop saw
  • 1-Ellis Precision cut off saw with miter attachment
  • 1-Glass Bead cabinet blasting unit

Secondary Equipment

  • Haas Mini-Mill
  • Okuma HB10 CNC lathe
  • Procunier lead screw tapping machine
  • Sweco secondary drilling units
  • Bellows assembly presses
  • Tumblers with process timers
  • Sugino precision drilling unit
  • Holomatic tapping equipment
  • Leland-Gifford 7 position gang drill
  • 2-Mastermill vertical milling machines
  • Variable drill tap units with universal tables
  • Logan 10X30 lathe
  • Rotary blasting equipment
  • Belt sanding equipment
  • Trim presses
  • Hyneumat tapping equipment
  • Production lathes
  • Samsung SE15 CNC Lathe

Inspection Equipment

  • Computer wdigital read-out
  • Radius gauges
  • Wire micrometers
  • Depth micrometers
  • Special gauges
  • Electronic weight count scales
  • Gram scales
  • 24"X36" Surface Plate
  • Plug gauges
  • Indicators
  • Inside micrometers
  • Outside micrometers
  • Thread micrometers
  • Calipers
  • Certified Gauge Blocks
  • Computerized SPC charting, graphing, etc.
  • Bore gauges


  • 3-5,000 pound fork trucks
  • Various maintenance equipment
  • 1-10,000 pound fork truck
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Pallet jacks
  • Hoists
  • Magnus part washer
  • Arc, MIG, & TIG Welders